So glad you made it this far! I am a born and raised Minnesotan who is currently attending the University of Minnesota. My goal is to end up working for International Justice Mission through my studies.

I started photography almost 6 years ago and immediately fell in love. I still have a lot of experience to gain, and I am always up for learning new things whether it's about photography or people! I am so excited to become better everyday and to continue to create content that I can be proud of.

I also love poetry, volleyball, German Shepherds, LOTS of coffee, watching cheesy movies, and being outside!

My goal in every shoot is to make people feel special. Photo shoots are supposed to capture the best of people and I believe there is so much beauty to be found in every person I shoot so my hope is to make you feel just as special as you are while shooting!

Can't wait to get to know you!

CONTACT ME       Tel: 952-412-9539

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